Thursday, November 27, 2008

gobble gobble

HAPPY THANKSGIVING USA!!! Unfortunately, Thanksgiving doesn't exist in Korea since it's a US thing. It really isn't real to us the holidays are actually here because it's just not the same as being home with family. I've decided that the holiday season is more of a state of mind that we put ourselves in when the weather begins to change, the fall colors come out, we start planning get togethers and of course when we start seeing the Christmas decorations go up.
Fortunately, we have met some wonderful people while here. So, we did get to celebrate Thanksgiving. All the foreign teachers got together. We made true western Thanksgiving dishes, and we even had an outrageously priced turkey shipped here from the US. It was awesome to have a nice meal that seemed so familiar and reminded me of all you back home. I think spending this time away during this holiday season will forever change extent to which I am thankful for my wonderful friends and amazing family for every other holiday that I get to spend back at home! Chris and I are already trying to plan a way that we can be sure to be home for the holidays next year even if we decide to spend another year outside of the US. I forgot my camera on Thanksgiving, so I'm waiting for someone to tag pictures and then I'll try to put some up.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
Am :)

Friday, November 21, 2008

6th Ash :)

Thank goodness for the Internet!!! The web has been a life saver for me as I've been able to keep in contact with friends and family via email, web cam, facebook, myspace and blogs. I always kinda thought the networking and staying connected devices were a little overrated to be honest. That is, until we got over here and these things made life so much easier.

Anyway, I hopped on the Internet earlier today to check out what my friend Ashley Rumsey (now) Hamilton was up to via her blog. Ash and I lived together 2 years during college, and have some awesome memories together. Ashley married her high school sweetheart Ryan this past summer, and I was so honored to get to be there and be a part of their wedding. Ashley's latest blog was a fun little surprise where she had been tagged by a friend and was suppose to post the 6th photo of her 6th album and tell about what was going on in the picture and to keep the fun going she tags others who would in turn do the same. She tagged me, so here's the picture:

I couldn't have been more happy than when I found this sweet picture taken a couple years back of me and little Cullen Wade!!! Cullen was probably about a year and a half, and I would've been in my junior year of college. Before Cullen learned to love trucks, guns and tractors he had a shoe infatuation. One day he made his way into Mom's closet and came out in black boots saying, "Amba's boots." Yes, a smart child he is!!! He had in fact found and slipped on boots similar to black boots I was wearing that particular day. Obviously we had to capture the moment!!! Man, a miss that little boy. He's growing up so fast, and becoming more and more of a little man everyday. I get to see him every couple of weeks or so on the web cam, but it's just not the same as putting my arms around him and giving him a big ole hug.
Well, here's to Ash, Cull and all the great memories of friends and family....and here's one more pic that I found in that 6th album that I had to include :)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Late's better than never :)

Yes, I know it's a little late, but the Halloween festivities at our school were so much fun that I couldn't resist. Koreans don't really celebrate Halloween in general, but at most of the English academies the celebration is over the top. I guess since Halloween is so much fun for children they feel that it's nice to let the kids get in on the fun. Our entire day was filled with all kinds of different skits and presentations from the kids. Some kids sang, others danced or did short plays, and a few even shared instrumentals. It was so much fun to watch all our little Korean rug rats in the lime light. Chris, myself, and Kat (the new foreign teacher at our school) were all judges. We had to pick a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for each age group. It was so hard not to be partial to all of our favorites in class. After the programs each group of kids got to go trick or treating at the local businesses. It was such a fun day and a nice change from our typical day.

More recently, we've done absolutely nothing!!! This is due to the fact that I have been sick for about two weeks now. This past week I finally broke down and went to the doctor, but unfortunately I think I waited a little too late. I didn't have a voice for most of the week. Thankfully, Chris was able to teach a nice portion of my classes for me. It's extremely difficult to teach children when you can't speak. This past weekend, I pretty much didn't leave the couch. I'm feeling quite a bit better, but I'm going back to the doctor today so that I can get one more round of antibiotics which will hopefully bring me up to par!!! I'm so extremely tired
of soup and orange juice at this point I just want some real food...even if it is Korean food.

That's all I've got for now...

Am :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Thank the Lord it's over...

Well...I'm not going to share my personal views on the political situation because I feel that far to many people have done this through the entire election process. However, I will say that as an American and follower of Almighty God it is now my responsibility to shower our soon to be Commander in Chief with as many prayers as I possibly can. Regardless of who you voted for, I hope you too will join me in praying for the Obama family as they make their way into our White House!!! After taking a look at the demographics of the outcome in this election, it's easy to see that it was my generation that brought Mr. Obama to his victory. All political issues aside, I am proud that the generation in which I'm a part of attempting to overcome the obstacle of racism, which has haunted our nation for so long.
Hope all is well back home!!! Bundle up, I know it's getting cold!!!
Am :)