Sunday, July 19, 2009

embracing the moment in time

This weekend I officially started counting down the days. 10 more days are all that are yet to be experienced in Korea, and the feeling is surreal. I can't help but become a bit reflective as the days dwindle. The emotions that I'm experiencing are somewhat overwhelming. Change is always inevitable in life, but for some reason I feel that I'm at a major crossroads, which is so terrifying. The idea of coming home feels kind of like that wife swap show, you know where the mom and wife changes cities, families and jobs. Then she goes about the daily routines of some person she doesn't even know. I'm crazy excited to get back to the life I packed up and left at this time last year, but I'm also really nervous and a little sad to leave my kiddos and co-workers whom I've grown to know and love. I have truly enjoyed being in the classroom with students this year, and I think this whole experienced has helped me to realize that I AM a real adult. As a 20 somethin year old woman who isn't married but IS far from a child, you sometimes wonder where exactly you fit. So many of my friends have gotten married in the past couple of years, and some have even had children of their own! I couldn't be happier for friends when I see them find happiness, but to be completely honest... it's a little scary because I know this means I'm getting older! I think this year has shown me that I don't have to always have to fit into that perfect woman mold. I don't have to rush through life or push forward any faster than I'm comfortable with in order to embrace this life that God has given me! I'm so thankful for the peace of mind that this experience has given me with myself and my own place at this point in time. I can only pray that as I come home and life changes that the peace I have right now will always be with me!
I'll try to keep you all updated over the next week or so as we say all of our goodbyes to Korea.

PS-- pics are from the weekend...we took our last weekend trip to Haeundae beach in Busan

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